Powerful Social Media Marketing $99 Per Month



Prepare your business now for 2018! Whatever you are going to do you need to do and get started now! You no longer need the excuses that you don’t have time or don’t know how.

From now till December 31, 2017 we are ofering our amazing social media package for $99. Price goes back to $199 January 1, 2018, but you keep the love price forever.

Regardless of your industry social media marketing is vital. Now you can have your own personal social media manager who will create awesome content, make branded images and videos for you every single day.

Never worry about your social platforms having posts regularly, great content ideas  sure to engage your audience, beautiful personal stock images branded to your business, and great capturing videos that will increase visibility and create engagement.

Custom content that is timely, relevant and industry specific. This content is posted two times per day to the following:

As your social media management team we will:

– Manage daily posting on

Facebook post 2 x day (60 per month)

Twitter post 5 x day (150 per month)

LinkedIn post 2  x per day (60 per month)

Google+ post 1 x per day (30 per month)

Tumblr post 2 x per day (60 per month)

– Create and design custom content (branded photos, posts, Blogs)

-1 custom company video per month

-3 custom branded high resolution visuals (images) per month

– Focus on your target market (optimize and target all content)

– Implement effective strategies (platforms change daily, we change and know what works)

– Grow your followers (We converse and make your social appearance attractive for followers)

– Drive traffic to website (We blog and create call to action for visitors)

– Engage digital community (Get your followers involved with your brand)

– Practice social monitoring (reputation management_

– Manage contests

– Manage ads

This is a min. 90-day program to create an effective social media marketing strategy.

TOTAL COST: $99/mo.

All of this for just $99 per month.