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48 percent of all firms cited keeping
up with technology as one of the
biggest challenges facing their firm in
the next two years.

Via – 2017 Real Estate in a Digital Age Report.

For Real Estate Brokers & Agents

We are trained and experienced in the NAR Code of Ethics, RESPA, Broker and Agent ID online and MLS rules. 80% of Real Estate agents engage in illegal practices on social media everyday. 

Lenders, Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers

Do Not Trust Your Social Media to Anyone. The Mortgage Industry is Heavily Restricted on What Can Be Posted on Social Media and How it is Posted. The Brandle Reports states only 20% of Mortgage Professionals are in compliance with websites, blogs, communications and social media.

The (FTC)’s rule, The Mortgage Acts and Practices — Advertising Rule (MAP) is also known as “Regulation N” and is managed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This law requires all commercial communication, now including digital communication to be retained for 24 months. Can you prove anything that went out on your social channels in the past or in future communications?

With marketing efforts existing so much online it’s imperative that mortgage brokers, real estate agents, home builders and lead generators understand how this rule applies to their website and social media communications. This law refers to Tweet, Facebook posts, email, text messages and any other for of digital communication.

The Brandle Report of the The State of Social Media in the Mortgage Industry, only 20% of social media sites are compliant, so it’s time for the Mortgage industry to become vigilant. Non-compliance can result in fines in the tens of thousands of dollars and revoking of license 

As a marketing agency, required to be in compliance, we have a  256 bit encrypted security digital signature and time stamp on all archived content, so there is irrefutable evidence what was online, and when.

Who does it apply to?

The rule applies to any and all who engage in commercial communication in the industry – including mortgage brokers, real estate agents, home builders and lead generators/ advertising and marketing agencies.

What can I do to comply?

Any person or business to whom this law applies to must make record preservation (offline + website + social media) an important compliance priority. Realtors or brokers that post information about loans online absolutely must collect records of such postings or anywhere where the information has been represented. The same is true for emails, text messages, social media posts and private messages.

We can provide you with a  256 bit encrypted security digital signature and time stamp on all archived content, so there is irrefutable evidence what was online, and when. Ask about our social archiving service.

Insurance Brokers/Agents, Attorneys, Title Insurance

RESPA- If you are a professional in one of the areas listed above and are hiring social media services, make sure to ask if they are very well versed and experienced in all of these regulatory areas. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to fines and license revocation due to non-compliance on social media.

Look at our social media packages and prices below.

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Do you know that over 90% of home buyers start their home search online?

Google finds 2 out of 3 house hunters research agents online.



Social Media for the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry,

if used correctly can bring customers to your door;

however, they can also bring the regulators knocking.



  2017 Real Estate in a Digital Age Report.

Read the full report here: https://www.nar.realtor/reports/  -estate-in-a-digital-age


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Our services help agents get ahead of 80% of their competition.

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We have helped realtors obtain a presence online and increase their leads by leaps and bounds…  Technology is changing the way REALTORS do business, do not get left behind.  Let our social marketing experts handle it for you!

We will build your brand awareness, assist to generate leads and build a social connection with your prospects, with the help of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Creative Web Concepts USA is a provider of real estate social media services by trained and certified professionals. We create unique, relevant, timely, custom real estate social media marketing services for real estate agents, brokers and other real estate professionals. WE ARE REAL PEOPLE,  NOT ROBOTS OR AUTO POSTING SYSTEMS! We know using robots and 3rd party Apps reduces your organic reach in the news feed. We ensure to post only quality engaging content for an authentic, organic and genuine brand presence to your users.

Have you considered your company’s liability for violating Federal Regulations through its use of social media?

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to compliance, and Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals would be wise to make sure their companies’ social media usage is in line with industry regulations and laws.

 Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officers and Insurance Agents need to be careful who they hire for social media management. 

What do your online profiles reflect about you as a Realtor?

Here Are Reasons To Hire Us!

  1. COMPLIANCE -The digital world is causing Brokers to become concerned about their agent’s behavior on social media, their reputation management, compliance and the company’s policies regarding blogging, social media sites and mainly how to monitor the advertising to make sure it is in compliance with RESPA, the Code of Ethics and License Laws of each state.  Have you considered your company’s liability for violating federal regulations through its use of social media?  Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to compliance, and mortgage professionals would be wise to make sure that their companies’ social media usage is in line with industry requirements.  Each member of our staff is highly trained in the legal field with NAR social media compliance, FTC, RESPA, SEC, FIRPTA, the MAP Act – Regulation N. In the age of digital media, more litigators are turning to digital evidence to defend court cases in the professional and finance industry.
  2. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – We know we must monitor and archive the communications of loan officers on social media, but the task sometimes falls through the cracks.    We have our 24 hour monitoring tracking notifications to carefully monitor all activity, comments and prompts on your channels.
  3. GEO-TARGETING – Geo-Targeted Social Media Marketing. According to a joint study released by Google and the National Association of Realtors, 2 of 3 people searching for a prospective real estate professional research them extensively online prior to working with them.
  4. LEAD GENERATIONWe target leads  with our special ads and campaigns specific for buyers and sellers in specific areas. We use your social media platforms to use geo-targeting to find and connect with your ideal audience. We can see who is talking about your industry in a specific radius (example: who is talking about buying a home within 50 miles of each of your zip code?).  We provide online buyer/seller Ebook guides to give away for opt-in contacts and lead generation. These beautiful color guides are personalized with your photo on the cover and name as the author.
  5. ARCHIVAL/ RECORD RETENTION – We know the law requires Real Estate agents, Mortgage Brokers and LO’s to archive their social media communications for 24 months. We also offer complete monitoring for compliance of all laws and have a service to provide clients with monthly or annual archives of all online activity. (archival backup extra)
  6. RESULTS – Social media is becoming increasingly pivotal to real estate. As more consumers move their home search online, they’re also counting on social media to help them find an agent who can land them the home of their dreams — or get the price they need to close a sale.

Realtors need to learn how to get away from the traditional mindset, create an irresistible brand and differentiate yourself, and how to stop handing real estate leads to your competitors.

What makes our service so special? You need a social media manager who knows your industry inside and out.

Shelley Costello  is the CEO of Creative Web Concepts USA. She is a FOX News social media strategist. She is a #1 International Best Selling Author, and she is a public speaker and trainer endorsed by Emmy Award Winning Speaker, Les Brown. Shelley has appeared on national television reaching 30 million households sharing with families the importance of social media security.

She spent 17 years in the Real Estate industry in marketing. She has had experience from a mortgage broker, to real estate agent to managing a National Title Insurance Company branch. Her savvy marketing techniques to Realtors and Lenders gave her a name in the Central Florida area for being a top producer. Shelley began her social media career when social media started. Now with her savvy skills she now specializes in social media services for the Real Estate Industry. Throughout her corporate America career she was a RESPA compliance trainer for the mortgage and lending industry.

Shelley represents Real Estate agents from all over the world and she feels it her responsibility to know the NAR code of ethics as it pertains to social media marketing, as well as the laws and the regulations for each state’s Association of Realtors social media policies and guidelines. Shelley is passionate about protecting her real estate clients and keeping them in compliance with their online presence. When it comes to marketing Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Lenders on the web, what does your social media manager know about your industry?



Real Estate Social Media Package All Included For Just $199 Per Month. No Contracts


  • Daily Posts (2-4 x day) 6 days per week
  • Profile Setup & Optimization custom graphics timeline design
  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Setup of Targeted Audiences
  • Customized Ads for Facebook and Mobile Apps.
  • Branding/Farming Ad Campaign
  • Re-Targeting Campaign
  • Home Search/Buyer Ad Campaign
  • Seller Home Value Ads
  • Open House Ad Campaign
  • Custom Facebook Tab
  • Strategy Development Facebook Content Research & Development


  • Twitter Page Setup
  • Twitter – custom graphics branded timeline design
  • Twitter 5 posts per day 
  • Twitter ReTweets 
  • Twitter Follows to Niche 
  • Twitter 3 Favorites per day 


  • LinkedIn Profile enhancement. Bio, branded customization
  • LinkedIn Company Page custom branded and setup
  • LinkedIn 2 posts per day on profile and page (Mon. – Fri.)
  • Connection Engagement by liking and engaging with your LinkedIn community
  • We post your listings in geographic niche online community groups.


  • Google+ branded custom page setup
  • Google+ 3 high quality SEO posts per day
  • Google+ images and videos posted


  • We will share your videos on your You Tube Channel
  • We will set each video with high SEO strategy for page one Google Search Engine Results. (We do not post videos with channel presets. Client may post the created videos on their own)
  • We will upload and share the bonus white board doodle videos we create free for you each month


  • Tumblr customized branded page setup
  • Tumblr 2 posts per day (links, video, images, posts, Blogs)
  • Tumblr 2– 200-300 word blog posts per month with Hashtags


Real Estate Platform

  • ACTIVE RAIN –We will post (1) 300 word relevant original blog to your Active Rain blog.
  • Article Blog SEO Copy-writing- submitted to quality article sites.
  • We will SEO and target your AR posts for lead generation


  • Pinterest account setup and set up of branded boards (50 boards over 5 months)
  • Pinning of articles, news, quotes, images, listings and videos
  • Pinterest 3 Pins/Repins per day 


  • We will set up a Zillow account and custom brand it with your info/Bio and images.
  • We will market your Zillow profile throughout all social media channels
  • We will share your Zillow reviews across all your social channels

FREE Add On Bonuses Each Month

  • INSTAGRAM account posting. 3 posts per week randomly posted anytime of day or days of week. We follow and comment for you. We brand your images.
  • Blogging To Your Website: 1 SEO 300-500 word blog posts monthly.
  • Keller Williams Placester website set up, monthly management unlimited 
  • Press Release Service – 1 produced per month (Client to send newsworthy info or topic)
  • Email Marketing Monthly set up of custom constant contact, Mail Chimp or mail service of your choice and produce 1 email blast using your account
  • White Board Drawing Video or creative full-color animation video/slideshow -posted to YouTube optimized for Google  (videos all month unlimited)
  • YouTube Marketing- Highly SEO your channel and set up Google Hangouts to go live in your niche area. We produce one  high-quality screen shot video weekly. If you shoot clips you may send them for production.
  • Monthly Reporting (upon request)
  • Free Facebook paid advertisement each  month. Client may select one of the following: Facebook Carousel Ad, Post Boost, Page Promote or Product Advertisement. Up to 3 images for the ad must be submitted to our team 4 days prior to the day they want the ad to start. (Time sensitive if this is for an open house) Targeted audience demographics including age or location preferences must be submitted.

    Please note: When we pay to place an ad, the ad does not appear as a post on your page so you won’t see it as a post. It will randomly run through the news feed. 



Get engagement within hours of posting.

It is common to see Likes, Loves, Shares and prospects asking for prices and booking showings of properties. Houses have sold on Facebook and Instagram.

As a courtesy to our agents and their privacy, and because we don’t want our agent’s social pages distributed around the world for their valuable content to be copied by competitors, we will not pass out links to our client’s pages. If you wish to see a sample of some of our postings you may request it by contacting Shelley Costello directly. shelleyacostello@gmail.com


REALTORS ALL FOR $199 per Month! Banks & Lenders with Archive 256 bit backup $299 per month

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