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Real Estate Lead Generation. Leave Your Real Estate Competition Behind.

Real Estate Lead Generation. Leave Your Real Estate Competition Behind.

Real Estate Agent Digital Newsletter Lead Generation Campaign

Right now, more than 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook EVERY MONTH! Every week, over a billion tweets are posted on Twitter. Social media and instant communication are here to stay. GONE are the days of sitting by the phone waiting for potential clients to call. No matter how many signs you post or business cards you give away, you simply cannot compete with the voice of Social Media.

The internet has given you a platform to establish credibility, build relationships, and demonstrate your expertise!

Realtors and real estate agents can greatly benefit from social media as well as ranking in search. We have our own refreshed database of Google searchers who are searching for key phrases and keywords in the Real Estate Industry.

Real Estate agents dominate the content that is shared on social media, but few are truly generating  revenue or generating warm leads from their social media efforts.

The social media scene has now become a pay to play arena. We have a proprietary lead generation system that helps Real Estate agents target their audience, reach specific prospects and generate a flowing stream of leads.

Our 3 part Lead Generation Marketing For Real Estate Agents works as follows:

  1.  Using your own mail CRM database management system, or ours (We use mail chimp) we custom design templates for your brand. We design a template to capture people everywhere in your area and beyond. We design the digital email/digital weekly news piece with the following highlights for content: (A) Home of the week (B) Restaurant of the week (C) Video of the week (D) Quote of the week (E) Photo of the week (F) Person of the week (G) Real Estate Tip of the week (H) Remodel Tip of the week (I) Town or City news of the week etc…

2.  These beautiful professionally designed digital newsletters will be produced weekly on your behalf and distributed throughout social media and used on a stand alone landing page with a custom video message to capture opt-ins. We will buy your custom domain for your landing page we create. We will also on your behalf pay for Facebook ads to boost this to your audience.
3. All lead signups will be captured in your CRM lead management system. Once a month or once a quarter we will design an email template and send them a message.
All leads will be set to come directly to you on a daily basis so you can contact and filter your new leads.

This service is just $100 for the entire month.

See our sample Real Estate Guides Below

Real Estate Lead Generation Published Author Ebook Giveaway on Landing Page

Imagine standing out in the crowd and having expert status and recognition as the Author of your very own Real Estate Book! Imagine the referrals. You can participate in the digital campaign below and order these books to print and giveaway. (We do this when we work with agents in local farming campaigns)

We will completely publish for you any TWO of our 10 Real Estate Guides with your name legally as the published author and your photo on the front book cover. We can do this because we have written all of our own Real Estate Guides and have all copyrights and Private Label Rights to all books.
We will create a stand alone squeeze capture web page with compelling capture video and text offering our Real Estate guides as a free gift for the visitor’s email address.
We will market and distribute your landing page and giveaway through all of your social channels and pay Facebook for ads and post boosts to get exposure for your campaign. We will manage your book rotations, graphics, marketing, landing pages, domains, paid ads and your new leads!
If you want we can rotate the books so you always have fresh content. Every month you will be on the front cover as a published author of your own Real Estate Guide and you will be marketed as a Realtor/ Expert Author.

This lead generation program is $100 per month


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