Social Media Business Building Package

Business Builder's Social Media Marketing Power Package

The Best Social Marketing Package. This package is for the business to launch and grow a brand or an existing brand that needs full scale comprehensive social media marketing. This package is for business growth and exposure to target markets. See what is included below. Please note: We do not use any 3rd party automation software. We do not outsource outside of the US. We hand post organically on every client. Why so cheap? Simple! Years of working on our system to give high quality, yet streamline production, and experience in engineering marketing means that all of the services and processes are streamlined, efficient and effective. This keeps costs low for our clients but it also keeps your time commitment to a minimum. We are proud of our offering and commitment! With this business builder package we create all of your amazing content. We focus on engagement with your followers and growing your followers. Our content includes images, video, blogs and more. We also provide free Facebook advertising with your package.

Simplicity Package $99

  • Facebook
    2  posts  per day
    1 image/event or Open Houe photo
  • Google+
    1  posts per day
  • Twitter
    2 Tweets per day
    (no extra follows, retweets, favors)
  • LinkedIn
    1 Status updates per day
  • Tumblr Blog
    1 blog posts per day
  • Pinterest
    3 Pin per day
  • No Reporting
  • No Videos
  • No Blogging
  • No website lead generation or SEO

Pro Package $199

  • Facebook
    2-4 posts per day
  • Google+
    3  posts per day
  • Twitter
    5 Tweets per day Go Live From Page
    5 Retweets per day
    10 follows per week
  • LinkedIn
    2 per day
  • Pinterest
    3-4 per day
  • Tumblr
    3 per day
  • Instagram
    1 post per day
  • Social Channel Design
  • Comment Response
  • Ad Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Custom Images 8/mo
  • 1  Video Per Month
  • 2 Blog- Targeted
    2 posts per month
  • Hashtags
    50 per month
  • Website Links
    20 per month
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation (visuals, images, videos)
  • Monthly Consultation Strategy Session
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Free $30 Ad Spend
  • ADD $50 per month for unlimited website management

Business Package $299

  • Facebook
    4- 6  per day (geo-targeted) WE GO LIVE FROM YOUR PAGE
    3 group posts per week (join targeted groups)
  • Google+
    2 per day
    3 circles/groups mo
    5 Invitations per week
  • Twitter
    10 Tweets per day
    5 follows per day
    5 ReTweets per day
    5 Favors per day
    5 Replies per day
  • LinkedIn
    2 posts per day
    3 connection invitations per day
    3 status likes per day
  • Google+
    2 posts per day
    5 connection invitations per week
  • Tumblr Blog
    2 blogs per day
    3 branded photos mo
    2 custom created videos mo
  • Pinterest
    3 Pins per day
    5 Repins per day
    10 follows per week
  • You Tube
    3 videos SEO optimized and uploaded monthly
  • Instagram
    Account integration to platforms
    Retrieving Instagram posts to social platforms
    Unlimited retrieval of content and distributed through all channels
  • Hashtags 100 per month
  • Unlimited hours WordPress website management updates
  • 1 Whiteboard Video per month
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Branded Content Creation (visuals, images, videos etc..)
  • Customer Engagement and Platform Building
  • 24 Hour Reputation Management Monitor Review Sites
  • Monitor Google+ Reviews
  • Brand Management & Uniform Representation on all Platforms
  • Website SEO for traffic
  • Monthly personal consulting and strategy session
  • Monthly Real Time Reporting
  • Community Engagement
  • Free $40 Facebook Ad Spend